about olive active


Olive Active was started by Amanda Mercurio, a former gym owner and long time fitness professional looking to expand into the activewear industry, with a specific three-fold mission: to offer apparel that is faith-based, ethically sourced, and with a classic & natural look.

In Psalm 52:8, David says “I am like an olive tree flourishing in the house of God; I trust in God’s unfailing love forever and ever.” Our mission is to first spread the love of God with our brand by unashamedly sharing his word and standing on Christian values. Olive Active gives back to those in need in our local community by donating a percentage of profits to the Lighthouse Mission, a local Long Island charity that provides food & clothing to those in need all while spreading the love of Christ (learn more about the LHM HERE).

Next, we source & design activewear pieces that are ethically made only - either from here in the US or fair-labor workrooms solely if abroad. In a world of fast fashion & poor treatment of those who work in it, Olive Active's collections are made with integrity and quality. We opt for natural materials as often as possible (organic cotton, linen, etc.), and try to use the highest quality synthetics where needed. Our polyamide fabrics are biodegradable - guaranteed to decompose in a landfill (when no oxygen is present - not in your closet!) in roughly 4 years versus the 50+ years needed for other athletic synthetics.

And lastly, our style is classic and natural, comfortable yet functional, form flattering yet providing enough coverage. As we increasingly see gym fits become less fitting (literally!), Olive Active will deliver activewear & athleisure styles that are more conservative in nature while still remaining on trend.

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